West Side Livery Stable


West Side Livery stable on W. 38th St. has had horses living in it continuously since it was built as a stable in the 1860s. It housed ice wagon horses and then vegetable cart horses before Central Park carriage horses started moving in in the 1940s.

The second largest stable, West Side Livery, owned by multi-generational carriage family, the Spinas, houses 16 carriages and 32 horses.

The stalls were converted into box stalls in 2010 and were handbuilt by the stable manager, Tony Salerno, and the stablehands. The design of the stalls allows for lots of ventilation and social contact between horses.

Horses live on the 2nd and 3rd floors and hay is kept on the 4th floor. Gravity is used to distribute hay and remove manure throughout the building.


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Christina Hansen is a New York City carriage driver and a spokesperson for the carriage industry. She is a proud member of Teamsters Local 553.

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