Arthur and the Umbrella



A pedestrian in Central Park on the Center Drive opened an umbrella in front of a carriage horse today, causing the horse to react by jackknifing. The driver got down off the carriage to get to the horse’s head, when the horse made a u-turn back towards the carriage stand, ultimately exiting the park and wedging the carriage between two cars in front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Neither the carriage horse nor the driver were injured. The three passengers on board suffered only minor injuries. Arthur the carriage horse was returned to his stable via trailer to await a veterinary examination to confirm he was unhurt.

Colm McKeever, a seasoned carriage driver, was driving Arthur, when the horse responded to the umbrella opened in his face. “My sole concern was for my passengers and my horse. Thankfully, I had help from my fellow carriage drivers and from the NYPD.”

Christina Hansen, a spokesperson for the carriage industry, praised the professionalism of the carriage drivers who took control of the situation to ensure the safety of horses and people. She also reiterated that horse-drawn carriages remain the safest form of vehicles in Midtown Manhattan in terms of collisions per mile traveled.

“Everyone in the carriage industry works everyday to ensure the safety of our horses, our passengers and the public, and our record speaks for itself. That every single accident we have is considered news is a testament to the safety of our industry. We wish those injured today a speedy recovery.”

(Photo of Arthur last week at his stable, where he is safe and sound tonight.)


About Author

Christina Hansen is a New York City carriage driver and a spokesperson for the carriage industry. She is a proud member of Teamsters Local 553.