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Unstable activists

Milford, Pa.: It’s a shame these wonderful carriage horses and their guardians have to live with an uncertain future for themselves and their families because of the uneducated rhetoric spread by NYCLASS. I have horses and if I thought for one minute any of it was true, I would be at the stables picketing the treatment of these horses. I am by no means an expert in equine related matters but I do know when I see a well-cared-for horse who has a soft eye and a pleasant expression, is well groomed and is in good weight. The New York City carriage horses are happy and content. I could only wish this for all equines. Elinor Schultz

New York Daily News, 11/12/15


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Christina Hansen is a New York City carriage driver and a spokesperson for the carriage industry. She is a proud member of Teamsters Local 553.

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