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Save NYC Carriage Horses From Radical Animal Rights Activists is a project of carriage horse supporter Jill Adamski.

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It’s become common knowledge that radical animal rights “activist” Eddie Sullivan assaulted three NYC carriage drivers before being arrested this past summer. Edita Birnkrant was fired from her position as NYC Director at Friends Of Animals, because even her aggressive tactics were too much for the animal rights extremist organization. After numerous cases of her harassment, the final straw came after she had been caught illegally using an amplified microphone from NYCLASS’s tank-sized e-car (which is not legally allowed in Central Park) to tail a couple taking a horse drawn carriage ride in an attempt to dissuade them from continuing their ride. Of course, NYCLASS (the radical animal rights organization created to ban NYC carriage horses and headed by real estate tycoon Steve Nislick) thought she was just what they were looking for to replace their Executive Director, Allie Feldman-Taylor. NYCLASS then scooped up Jill Drappo-Harvey Carnegie as their new campaign director after she had gathered protestors through her group “Empty The Carriages” to create a human chain illegally blocking horse carriages from entering Central Park. (The group dispersed moments after the entrance had been blocked when police arrived to arrest them.) Michael Dolling is another face who has been spotted harassing horse carriage customers, drivers, and in some cases has even been caught on film threatening their supporters.

Despite the legal action that has been taken against these individuals and organizations by the carriage industry, they continue to make appearances on the hackline with their misleading propaganda and false claims about the industry. They routinely chase and shout after horse drawn carriages in the street which could lead to a dangerous accident. They will often show images of deceased horses to children, causing them to cry after their parents have asked them to be left alone. A lawsuit is in progress to keep the protestors 15 feet away from the horse carriages. While most people might believe this is reasonable, or possibly not far enough, their group has protested that a proposed 9 feet was too far from them to get their propaganda across to passerby. Their lawyers are struggling to make this into a case against free speech, but most of us just aren’t buying it. Their right to protest isn’t under attack, it’s their tactics that are being called to be reined in. As Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron put it, “The horse-carriage trade is a lawful business and an iconic part of the Manhattan landscape…The content of speech is not at issue here; the manner of delivery is.” The truth about the great care and conditions NYC carriage horses work under is out. New Yorkers and our tourists have had it with their verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse. The carriage industry deserves to operate in peace with a barrier between them and anyone who chooses to protest it!

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Meet Kevin, the horse that NYCLASS thinks is a girl and is horrifically abused. Kevin, as is obvious to anyone who knows anything about horses (or even basic anatomy) is a male though. How can NYCLASS...

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Letter To The Editor In The NY Daily News 3/20/17:
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The Central Park carriage horses are a contentious subject in New York. Christina Hansen is here in Central Park South with her horse, King, to talk about city regulations and King's life in New York ...

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